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Luck Soundtrack (2022)

Luck Soundtrack (2022)

The soundtrack to Luck music, a 2022 Apple TV+ movie, tracklist, listen to all of the 31 full soundtrack songs, play 30 full OST music & trailer tracks. View all song names, who sings them, stream 1 additional tune playlists, scores, and credits used in the movie. Read 14 scene descriptions with timelines.

Song credits – additional film music – songs that are not included in the official soundtrack list,
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1. Drop The Bass – DJ Spinowitz

Luck official OST album tracklist, original motion picture score.
Original release date: 5 August 2022
Label: Milan Records
Original music composed by John Debney

1. Samantha’s Theme

2. Sam and Hazel
[0:01′] Hazel is running to her room to get Sam something for good luck, to finish her video.

3. Good Luck All Day Long

4. Unlucky Day

5. Bob the Cat
[0:12′] Sam is eating a sandwich on the boardwalk. She meets a black cat, whom she shares her food with.

6. A Great Job

7. A Penny Lost

8. Chasing a Cat
[0:18′] Sam lost the lucky penny and returned to the street where she had been eating a sandwich the night before. She meets the black cat and discovers that the cat offered her the penny. She starts running after the cat to get another one.

9. Sam Meets Bob

10. Land of Luck
[0:29′] Bob shows Sam the land of luck in the mission to find her a lucky penny.

11. Hazmat Bunnies
[0:37′] The hazmat bunnies are coming to inspect specks of bad luck in the factory where lucky pennies are made.

12. Making Good Luck
[0:40′] Gerry and Bob show Sam the place where good luck is created.
[1:38′] Second end credits song

13. Good Morning

14. Randomizer
[0:44′] Gerry is in the Arrivals and Departures trying to reach the bunny drone while Bob and Sam try to access the Mission Control. 

15. I Got This

16. Bunny Drone Activation

17. Lucky Star – Eva Noblezada
Starting song / Sam tries to film a music video for her song in the garden.
[0:47′] Sam starts singing to distract the bunnies from seeing what Bob is doing.

18. A Lift in Between
[0:50′] Sam and Bob are trying to reach the land between good luck and bad luck. Sam pressed the wrong button, and they reached the bad luck world, where she gets stacked.

19. Anything Is Possible

20. Bad Luck in Between

21. Bad Luck, Bad Cat

22. She Has You

23. Meet Rootie

24. With These Two Stones

25. Bad Luck is Good / Fixing the Randomizer
[1:42′] Third end credits song

26. A Forever Family

27. One Year Later
[1:34′] A year later, Sam works in a supermarket as a manager. Hazel has a new family, and Sam and Bob visit her constantly. 

28. Luck Theme

29. Luck Teaser
[1:36′] First end credits song

30. The Penny Depot
[0:34′] Sam is in the factory of lucky pennies with the lucky leprechauns.

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Streaming on:  Apple TV+

Category: Adventure Movie Soundtracks, Animation Movie Soundtracks, Apple TV, Comedy Movie Soundtracks

IMDB: Luck

Luck  Film information
Movie genre: Animation, Adventure, Comedy
Runtime: 1h 45m
Release date (wide): 5 August 2022
Production: Skydance Animation, Paramount Pictures (co-production), Apple Original Films, Ilion Animation Studios, Skydance Media
Distributor: Paramount Pictures, Apple TV+
Director: Peggy Holmes
Stars: Eva Noblezada (voice), Simon Pegg (voice), Jane Fonda (voice)

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